Dear Friends,
Our monastery will look like this when completed. This is the latest artwork which is typical reproduction of the would be building construction. All the best.

Fr. Rudolf V. D'Souza OCD, Canadian Carmelite Charitable Society, Canada: www.carmelhill.ca

click on the image for an enlarged view

Dear Friends,
Here I bring you the 19th album of our construction work progress photos. At this point the entire structure of our monastery is complete. Now the interior design work and the final insulation of the roof work will start shortly. The big kangaroo crane will be removed in another two days from in front of the building. Then the campus levelling work will begin. Lots of work is pending but the contractor is quite confident to finish the job before October 15th. Here in Canada especially in the West Coast the climate has gradually become sober and the temperature is quite pleasant. The workers at our campus feel comforted due to change in the climatic conditions. We all look forward to this wonderful day of the inauguration on October 15th at 11 am. Fr. Jerald D'Souza has already mailed invitations to more than 170 destinations: parishes, convents and religious houses in Canada. We have also mailed a copy of the invitation to the Province Website and the Province Secretary has sent to all the members of the Province a personal invitation through email. Mrs. Molly Dias is working at the Souvenir to be released on the occasion. Helen Chua Tiampo has already imported Mass Vestments for the occasion and each priest will be gifted with one vestment in remembrance of this great event. We continue to pray that this program will be a great success in the Vancouver Archdiocese.

Fr. Rudolf V. D'Souza OCD, Canadian Carmelite Charitable Society, Canada. www.carmelhill.ca  
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Dear Friends,
Good morning. Hope you had a wonderful week. Here in Canada it is summer and in India it is monsoon season. These are the photos of our construction at Carmel Hill. You can see in this album the work is in real progress and the workers are catching up with the task at hand with the deadline in their mind. All looks good. You can see for yourself the progress that is achieved in just 5 months from February 24th 2015 onwards.

I enclose here also a report of the Architect who has given an explanation for the wooden structure, which is not well understood in Asian countries as we asian are all accustomed to concrete structures. As I have seen here in North America 75% of the structures are made in wood and only in big cities if the structures have to be multi-storeyed they are constructed in concrete and glass. The explanation in the attached sheet is self explanatory and also in accordance with the teaching of Pope Francis who has given a clarion call to protect environment in his encyclical: LAUDATO SI.

Fr. Rudolf V. D'Souza OCD
Canadian Carmelite Charitable Society, Canada, www.camelhill.ca 
For recent photos click here :                     click here to read report of the Architect

Dear Friends,
We are in mid-summer. I want to bring you the latest news and updates of Carmel Hill Canada. The construction work is on and in full swing. The contractors have an uphill task to finish the job on time. We all pray for them. Bro. Joseph Giroux OCD is keeping them happy with GAUDEMUS every alternative day after their work offering them snacks and coffee. I visited the site with Helen a number of times and each time when we enter our campus something new is ready to be seen. I am enclosing the latest photo album and you will enjoy it. Someone commented that this construction looks like a cardboard edifice; but you are wrong. This type of construction is very popular in USA and Canada and also in many parts of Europe. It is said that in UK they are building a 10 storey building with this material. The CLT (Cross Laminated Timber) has a life time of 150-200 years; and it is low cost maintenance and strong. Our contractor once said that if the concrete buildings can last 100 years, the CLT material building will last more than 150 years. Well, after these 150 years certainly there will be new technology to rebuild Carmel Hill with brand new generation of Carmelites who perhaps will think of putting up 25 to 30 storey Monasteries and preach God's Kingdom from the top of these high-rise monasteries.
All the best and God bless

Fr. Rudolf V. D'Souza OCD
Canadian Carmelite Charitable Society, Canada. www.carmelhill.ca
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Dear Friends,
We are slowly getting there towards the completion of the monastery work. Yet a lot work is to be done. On this day when we celebrate Mount Carmel Feast we are getting a glimpse of the chapel of the Monastery. Partial roofing is done and the workers will begin mounting the panels and planks on the other side of the monastery shortly. All looks good. We are in process of preparing a souvenir for the inauguration of our monastery on October 15th; and we are bringing out the first edition of CARMEL HILL bulletin on this day of the Solemnity of Our Blessed Mother of Carmel July 16th, 2015. Wish you a wonderful feast and do continue to pray for the completion of this maiden foundation in Canada. We request you all to utter a prayer for the intentions of the donor.
Have a great day and wish you a HAPPY FEAST OF MOUNT CARMEL.

Fr. Rudolf V. D'Souza OCD, Canadian Carmelite Charitable Society, Canada: www.carmelhill.ca    
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Dear Friends,
Hope you had a wonderful week. Here in BC Canada its hot and summer is simmering. At times we have wonderful weather too. BC is suffering due to 128 forest fires. That is why it is hazy and smokey. Here I bring you the latest photos of our construction. It all looks good and progressing. We are yet to receive 4 huge loads of CLT wood from Germany. We have already received 6 trucks. The towing company has to help these trucks to get to our place from the the main highway no. 7. You can see in the photos the towing machines doing their job. We had a great time yesterday to supervise the work that is going on. The workers and the engineering teams are upbeat. Mr. Dennis and Mr. Allan are very hopeful to finish the job on time. They say that they have to work hard and at times overtime too. But it all looks promising. Please click the link below for more clear picture of the progress of the work in album no. 15

Fr. Rudolf V. D'Souza OCD, Canadian Carmelite Charitable Society. www.carmelhill.ca
For recent photos click here :

Dear Friends,
I am pleased to bring you the 14th Album of the construction progress photos of Little Flower Monastery at 10789 North Deroche Road, British Columbia (Canada). After the foundation work the next phase of construction work began in the second week of June (2015). The CLT wood from Germany has to be assembled and put in place. The huge Kangaroo Crane will do its job; nonetheless it will take approximately another 5 weeks for its completion of the task. Then perhaps we have the next phase of construction: interior of the building. So far so good; and looking forward to completing this huge task in the first week of October this year. We thank Bro. Joseph Giroux OCD for taking care of the premises 24 hours.

Fr. Rudolf V. D'Souza OCD
Canadian Carmelite Charitable Society, Canada, More details: www.carmelhill.ca
For recent photos click here :

Dear Friends,
Here I send you Album no. 13 from Vancouver - Canada. Work progress is intense and the expected loads of wood from Germany has arrived. We have received 3 huge trucks load of CLT wood and 7 more trucks are on their way. In just 5 weeks you will see the hidden monastery mushrooming up which so far was hidden with all the foundation work, piping, cabling and sewage and other systems being installed underground. We hope this album will give you a better idea of the work progress at the site.

Wishing you all the best
Fr. Rudolf V. D'Souza OCD, Canadian Carmelite Charitable Society.

For recent photos click here :

Dear Friends,
Here are the latest photos of our construction work. Now the foundation is concreted and finished. A few days it will be sprayed with water for settling and strengthening the concrete surface. The next move is to wait for the ready made wooden walls and roof of the building; probable date for the consignment to arrive is the second week of this month. You can have an idea how far we have progressed in this project. For more details click the link to the photo album number 12:

Fr. Rudolf V. D'Souza OCD, Canadian Carmelite Charitable Society
For recent photos click here :

Dear Friends,
Here I update you with the 11th Album of the Construction of the Formation House Progress Photos. As the Architect John Clarke said this morning that the walls and roof of the Formation house are on the way from Germany, it is a special kind of wood that does not burn in case of fire. Moreover, these walls are so strong and flexible that one can put any number of nails into it and still it can be made to appear brand new. We can drill a hole and refill it with a special wood material and can look as it were nothing is damaged. These walls are 5- 6 inch thick and strong. In other words these wooden walls are called CLT wooden blocks imported from Germany. Once the walls come to the site it will take the contractors to fix them in 3-4 weeks and then to the fix the roof will take another 2 weeks. Hence, by the end of July this year the structure should be ready and then the work of fixing the doors and windows and other finishing job will begin.

Fr. Rudolf V. D'Souza OCD, Canadian Carmelite Charitable Society, www.carmelhill.ca

For recent photos click here :

Dear Friends,
Here you have the 10th Photo Album of our Formation House Construction Work Progress. You can see the work progressing steadily and material is arriving on site practically everyday. Bro. Joseph is taking good care of the property and is very keen on locking the gates and opening the gates for the workers. He must also keep vigil at night because of the heavy machinery that is there in the campus. You will see a big boulder which will be moved to the centre of the lawn in front of the monastery and a brass plaque will be placed in honour of the parents of Helen.

Enjoy the Photos:

Fr. Rudolf V. D'Souza
Canadian Carmelite Charitable Society

Dear Friends,
Here is the latest update on the construction work of Formation House at North Deroche Road, Fraser Valley District - British Columbia (Canada). A lot of cable laying work is going on. The toughest job so far has been the landscaping and removing huge boulders from the campus area. Hereafter beautifying work will begin. You can see the fire hydrant is already in place and water pipes are laid from the District Municipality water supply unit. After they give cable connections from the bottom of the foundation upwards as the floor heating system is to be set concreting task will take place as a portion of the foundation is already laid with concrete.

Hope you will enjoy these photos.

Fr. Rudolf V. D'Souza
Canadian Carmelite Charitable Society

Dear Friends,
Here are the latest construction progress photos of the Formation House in Canada. The foundation work along with heating piping system and sewer piping work is almost completes. We are expecting a whole load of wood from Germany at the end of this month, which is called CLT 5 layered wood that would constitute the walls of the house. Other works in the campus such as water supply, electricity supply and landscaping is going on. Hope you will enjoy these photos

With best regards
Fr. Rudolf V. D'Souza
Canadian Carmelite Charitable Society
click the link for photo album:

Please note the change in our email address :     parish.ga@rcav.org



History of Guardian Angels from August 14th 2009 Till Date

August 14th :
Arrival of Fr. Rudolf V. D’Souza OCD as administrator of the Parish.

August 15th & 16th:
Fr. Jerald D’Souza introduces Fr. Rudolf to the parishioners during all the masses and gives a short profile of his life. A meeting of all the parishioners has been arranged at the basement of the Rectory and a short felicitation program is organized.

October 2nd :
The 60th Anniversary of the Church celebrated. Archbishop Michael Miller is the main celebrant along with Msgr Jensen and Msgr Mark Hagaemon and Fr. Jerald D’Souiza

November 15th:
First Meeting on the Renovation of the Church Sanctuary Organized at the end of October.

15th December:
Organizing the meetings of the Renovation Committee to shift the Tabernacle to the Centre of the Church. Meetings begin every month on how to renovate the altar and other important aspect of beautification of the Church.

May 19th:
Fr. Rudolf solemnly installed as the Parish Priest by Archbishop Michael Miller along with Monsignor Jensen.

July 27th:
The 50 years of Jubilee of Fr. Rudolf Celebrated in the Millennium Hall of the parish.

August 28th :
Fr. Rudolf dissolves the Renovation Committee in consultation with Archbishop Michael Miller and Monsignor Jensen. A letter has been sent to all the members that the Renovation Committee stands cancelled from 28th August onwards.

September 8th :
Renovation works begin. The back wall of the Church is painted into a beautiful mural of the Church and shifting of the Tabernacle to the centre and decking the Church with the new Carpet. The Two flying Guardian Angels were installed by Mr. Bernie Petit.
The Confessional is shifted to the back of the Church from the right side of the Altar.

2nd October:
Archbishop Michael Miller inaugurates newly renovated Church with a new Carpet.

November 9th:
The two huge Round Stained Glass windows fixed in the nave of the Church.
Confessional is shifted making use of the part of the Children’s playing room.

The new Kitchen in the Rectory was installed.

The lawn and Garden of the Church yard was refurbished

The Easter Candle stand was replaced with a Bronze one.

The Tabernacle Light was replaced with a Bronze one.

March 25th:
First Stain Glass Window fixed by Andrew Macausland (Toronto)

July 25th:
The fixing of the Stained Glass Windows ends and Archbishop Michael Miller inaugurates the Stained Glass Windows.

25th October – 10th November:
the entire Church Roof was repaired.

19th March:
The Neocatechuminal community Catechesis begins

April 1st – April 20th:
the lighting of the Church was upgraded with new lights replacing the old ones.

8th April:
A new Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes on the 8th April 2012.

5th May:
The New office table was installed

12th May:
the Neocatechuminal Convivence at Sqamish with Fr. Vittorio

24th May:
The roof of the Rectory is being repaired by Cambie Roofing as it was under guarantee.

25th June: The Jubilee Celebration of Fr. Rudolf’s Priesthood by the Deanery Priests at the Millennium Hall.


2013 Archives of Guardian Angels Church

Grand Luncheon served to the local poor and homeless in the Millennium Hall of the Parish on Easter Sunday noon.

Celebration of the Mount Carmel Feast on 15th July. The Parish was honoured with the presence and blessings Bishop Gary Gordon of White Horse Diocese. Dinner was served after the mass and scapulars were distributed to the faithful.

Final Settlement of the Donated Pipe Organ was handed over to St. Patrick’s Church – Main Street Vancouver. Guardian Angels Church had to spend over 50,000 CAD$ for its final settlement. Pastoral Visitation by Rev. Fr. Archibald Gonsalves, the Provincial of Karnataka Goa Province from 2nd to 6th September.

The Third batch of Neo-Catechumen members are accepted into the group.

Renovation of the Rectory kitchen and living room completed.

Luncheon organized for the poor and homeless on 25th December. On 27th December a grand ground breaking ceremony was organized at North Deroche Road (Carmel Hill) with the presence of 150 parishioners of Guardian Angels Church.

2014 Archives of Guardian Angels Church

February 2014:
A report of the Sandwich program by Guardian Angels Church for the local poor was published in the BC Catholic. The volunteers served approximately 38500 sandwiches in the year 2013

March 2014:
For Ash Wednesday a wooden Cross was installed in the Sanctuary to remind the faithful of the days of penance and sacrifices. Three days of Lenten Reflections accompanied by the Celebration of the Holy Eucharist preached by Fr. Rudolf

March 2014:
Couples for Christ (CFCFFL) begin their Evangelization program for the parishioners

April 2014:
On Easter Sunday the neighbouring Homeless and Poor are served Easter Luncheon.

May 2014:
New Adoration book for Guardian Angels Church was introduced for use on First Fridays

August 2014:
Renovation at the Rectory laundry and kitchen washroom is completed

September 2014:
Catholicism Series of 10 Episodes is being screened for the parishioners every Tuesday till 25th November 2014.

October 2014:
Canadian Carmelites Community members gather at Guardian Angels Church for the profession of Fr. Alfredo Pereira and Bro. Josef Giroux. 27 priests gathered for celebration of the Holy Eucharist along with Rev. Fr.Charles Serrao and Fr. Steven Watson Provincial superior from California Province of the Carmelites.

December 2014:
The new Calendars of Guardian Angels Parish for the year 2015 with the stain Glass windows' photos is released and distributed to the parishioners.
2015 Archives of Guardian Angels Church

Fr. Rudolf publishes his 30th publication: Seek and You will Find, a book on prayer and spirituality.

Lenten preparation by Video Screening of Seven Virtues and Vices by Fr. Robert Barron. It was well attended and the faithful appreciated the spiritual help they received.

Seismic Assessment is done by Engineer Villaraza from Philippians. New gardening administrator of is appointed. Mr. Rick begins the work to keep the lawns and plants neat and tidy.

Doors of the Confessional and the Crying room are renovated with full glass to protect God’s Children.

Parish office is upgraded with the security system and automatic doors installed.

The roof above the rectory kitchen and sacristy are renovated by Cambie Roofing. First CARMEL HILL bulletin is released on July 16th, on the Solemnity of Our Lady of Mount Carmel at St. Edmund’s Church and on July 19th the bulletin is distribute to the parishioners at Guardian Angels Church.

In the past three years we to expand the sandwich program for the homeless by announcing its importance to people on Sundays. Consequently we began receiving help to feed the poor. Now we have approximately 250 homeless fed every day from Tuesday to Friday.

"Through him the whole structure is held together and grows into a temple sacred in the Lord." (Ephesians 2:21)

White settlers were drawn to this area by the 1858 Cariboo Gold Rush. The West End was an out-of-the-way place and of little value compared with the Fraser Valley. It was not until 1862 that three young Englishmen, John Morton, William Hailstone and Samuel Brighouse decided to buy a piece of land in the area. For that action they were dubbed the "Three Greenhorns". The Greenhorns' land, now known as the West End, was officially called that in 1887 when the Vancouver School Board built and named the West End school

With the Canadian Pacific Railway Company's plans for a terminus beside the Greenhorns' acreage, the settlement of Georgia and Robson Streets and the establishment of Stanley Park, the West End's southern boundary became known and populated as a relaxing beach resort.  


Liturgical Celebrations:

  • Sunday Mass Times:
    Saturday (anticipated) - 4:00 PM.
    Sunday - 9:00 AM ; 11:00 AM; 12:30 PM

  • Weekday Mass Times:
    Monday : 7 PM
    Tuesday to Friday : 8 AM
    Saturday : 9 AM
    First Friday - 7:00 pm


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