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Ride Slowly

I told Ronnie to ride slowly on super high ways. Well, Ronnie told me that there is nothing to panic as the roads are laid for a comfortable speed of 80 to 100 Kmph. After a few weeks Ronnie comes back one day wounded on his ankles and hands because of an accident that took place on highway. I told Ronnie not to ride on risky roads but wear a helmet that he could be assured against the bad conditioned roads. Ronnie met with another accident 6 months later and was badly wounded and was in the hospital for two month. But unfortunately Ronnie never learnt a lesson. This happened just a few weeks back, in the second week of January this year (2007), as he was riding towards Pune on the highway, he was trying to overtake a long truck but met with a fatal accident and his whole body was crushed. He spent few days in the hospital in semi conscious state and he breathed his last. No one could console his parents. Ronnie never listened to warnings of his friends and well-wishers.

God warns us on various occasions and through different people, circumstances and events that happen in our life. We need to heed so that we take seriously the warning that come to us for our own good.

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