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Fred Smith attended Yale University business school. He wrote a project paper on overnight packages deliveries, and was given a C minus for it. The professors commented that nobody would want to send overnight packages when they have the service of the US Mail.

This result did not deter Fred Smith and he later put all his money into his idea and started Federal Express. On the first day of operation Federal Express intended to deliver 167 packages. However, they only delivered seven. Five of the packages were to themselves and only two were to outsiders. Did Fred Smith quit? We know the answer because Federal Express is now a billion dollars corporation.

There is no failure to Fred Smith. Because when he took action on his decision, he only considered the results as outcome. On the first day of operation when Federal Express delivered only two packages to outsiders, he said that he succeeded in learning how to send two packages. Now he had to learn how to send more packages. This is an empowering principle - if we want to succeed in a bigger way we have to look at the positive side of everything, and take massive and consistent action.

"Catch a passion for helping others and a richer life will come back to you!"

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