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  • Photographs of the church as on 15-04-2010

  • The members of the Carmeltie Canada Regional Members met on March 15th at Vancouver to celebrate Holy Eucharist in memory of Mrs. Mary Pinto, Mom of Fr. John Alex Pinto and in memory of Mr. John Baptist D'Souza, papa of Fr. Rudolf Valerian D'Souza. Then there was a meeting to discuss the modalities and final touches to the Charitable society of the Carmelites in Canada. The meeting ended with a mouth watering dinner prepared by the Guardian Angels community.
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Guardian Angels Parish's 60th Anniversary celebrations held on 2nd October. The celebration preceded by three days Triduum on various themes of interest for our parishioners and visitors. On the celebration day we had a healing mass at 10 am and then the solemn concelebrated mass at 6 pm with the Archbishop Michael Miller being the main celebrant accompanied by two Msgrs of the Diocese Stephen Jensen and Mark Haegemon. Of course were present our own fathers, Fr. Jerry, Fr. Ranjan and Fr. Mario. The celebration was a huge success and well attended. After mass we had variety cultural progrmes and the catered dinner.

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