Daily Gospel Reflection

"But now it is hidden from your eyes"

Obviously no holy city constitutes the goal of our pilgrimage in time. This goal is hidden beyond this world, in the heart of God's mystery which is still invisible to us. For it is in faith that we journey, not in clear vision, and what we shall be has not yet been manifested. The New Jerusalem of which we are already citizens and sons and daughters, comes down from above, from God. Of this only lasting city we have not yet contemplated the splendor, except as in a mirror and in a confused way, by holding fast to the prophetic word. But already we are its citizens, or we are invited to become so; every spiritual pilgrimage receives its interior meaning from this ultimate destination.And so it was with the Jerusalem praised by the psalmists. Jesus Himself and Mary His Mother sang on earth as they went
up to Jerusalem the canticles of Zion: "perfection of beauty," "joy to the whole world." But henceforth it is from Christ that the Jerusalem above receives its attraction, and it is towards Him that we are making our inner journey.

(Biblical References: 1Jn 3,2; Gal 4,26; Rv 21,2; 1Cor 13,12; Ps 50[49],2; Ps 48[47],3)









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