Daily Gospel Reflection

Along the centuries, science has inflicted two serious corrective on humankind. The first was when it showed that the earth far from being the centre of the universe, constituted only an insignificant part of the cosmic system,  whose magnitude we can hardly encompass. The first discovery is linked for us to the name of Copernicus, although Alexandrian science had already announced something similar much before. The second corrective was inflicted on humankind by biological research, which ahs minimized to the utmost man's pretension to occupy a privileged position in the order of creation, as it established his zoological ancestry and demonstrated his unavoidable animal nature. The last change of values has been carried out in our days by the work of Charles Darwin, Wallace and their predecessors, in spite of the fierce opposition of contemporary opinion. (Introduction to Psychoanalysis, p. 300)

Well, we have a Gospel passage that tells us how we need face all these kinds of theories that we need to grapple with everyday practically that are bombarded over TV., net etc.
When these signs begin to happen, stand erect and raise your heads because your redemption is at hand » (Lk 21,28)

You have made the city a heap, the fortified city a ruin; the  castle of the insolent is a city no more, nor ever to be rebuilt. Therefore a strong people will honor you (Is 25,2-3). It pertains to Almighty God's faithful plan (v.1) and blameless counsels that the fortified cities should be overthrown and reduced to a heap of rubble», that they should be shaken to their foundations and without hope of being able to rise again. It shall never be rebuilt, the text says. In our opinion these overturned cities are not those we can perceive by our senses nor are they the people living in them. But, it seems to us, it is rather a question of each evil, hostile power and, above all, of Satan, here called a city and a strong city... When Emmanuel appeared and shone upon the world, the impious troop of enemy powers was brought to ruin and Satan was overthrown to his foundations. He has fallen and is weakened for evermore and can no longer expect to stand again nor raise up his head. Hence the poor and the city of the needy in distress will bless you (LXX). Israel has been summoned to knowledge of God through the instructions of the Law; it has been filled by God with all good things. Yes, it has been saved and has acquired the land of promise as an inheritance. But the great multitude of other nations under heaven were deprived of these spiritual goods... When Christ appeared in person and, driving out the devil's tyranny, led them to his God and Father, then they  were enriched by the light of truth, by participation in the divine glory  and by the nobility of an evangelical life. That is why they broke forth into hymns of thanksgiving to God our Father: Yes, Lord, you have fulfilled your wonderful plans of old (v.1) by recapitulating all things in Christ. You have shone on those who sat in darkness (Lk 1,79) by overturning the powers ruling the world (Eph 6,12) as one overturns the fortified cities. Therefore a poor people will bless you, all the cities will honor you.

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