Daily Gospel Reflection

Today the Son of man comes through all the situations of life. Well, there are already the signs the Jesus predicted. Because of Global warming we do not know what is going to happen in the coming year. In the past three years we have witnessed a lot of strange situations which really take us to understand the preditions of Jesus. "Then they will see the Son of Man coming" We will wait and see. The melting of the ice cape of our planet is a great loss and will result in flood and earthquakes. Forest fires devouvering green our planet is another of desasters.

"The bridegroom is coming" (Mt 25,6). Christ our Bridegroom speaks this word in Latin:  venit . This word could be in either the present or the perfect tense and so contains within itself two different times: the time which is past and that which is present. In addition, Christ means the time which is still to come. For this reason we shall have· to consider three comings of our Bridegroom Jesus Christ. In the first of these comings he became a human being out of love for us. The second coming takes place daily in many and various ways in every loving heart, for he comes with new gifts and new graces according to the measure in which each person is able to receive them. The third coming is that on the Day of Judgment or at the hour of death... The reason God created angels and human beings was his fathomless goodness and nobility. He wished the blessedness and richness that he is in himself to be revealed to rational creatures so that they might savor him in this temporal world and enjoy him beyond the temporal order in eternity. The reason God became a human being was his incomprehensible love and the need of all persons, for they had been corrupted through original sin and could do nothing of themselves to change their condition. But there were four reasons why Christ, according to both his divinity and his humanity, performed all his works on earth: first, his divine love, which is immeasurable; secondly, that created love which is called charity and which he had in his soul through his union with the eternal Word and through the perfect gifts which he received from his Father; thirdly, the great need of human nature; and fourthly, the honor of his Father. These are the reason for the coming of Christ our Bridegroom and for all that he did.


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