A renowned management guru entered a huge lecture hall where he was scheduled to deliver an inspiring lecture on the topic of "Motivation" to management students of a premier business school.

He was shocked to find that the lecture hall was empty except for a lone unkempt man in shabby clothes man seated in the front row.

The lecturer asked the lone man in the audience who he was.

"I am a Cook in the College Canteen," said the man.

The management guru, pondering whether to deliver his lecture or not, asked the Cook, "You are the only one here. What do you think - should I speak or not?"

The Cook said to scholar: "I am a simple man and do not understand these things. But if I came into the Dining Hall and saw only one man sitting I would give him food."

The management guru took this to heart and began to deliver his lecture with zest and passion. He spoke for over two hours, articulating his repertoire of knowledge with élan and flamboyance. After that he felt highly elated at his grand performance and wanted his audience to confirm how great his lecture had been.

He patronisingly asked the Cook, "How did you like my lecture?"

The Cook answered, "I told you already that I am a simple man and do not understand these things very well. However, if I came into the dining hall and found only one man sitting there I would feed him, but I certainly would not give him the huge quantity of all the food in the kitchen in one go and expect him to properly digest the entire amount."




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